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Your Diet Plus Dietitians not only provides you with one-to-one support, but will also motivate and encourage you throughout your weight loss journey and once you reach your target, they’ll be there to help you maintain your fantastic new look!

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Steps to Success

Unlike any other diet, Diet Plus Weight Plans offers unique one-to-one Dietitian support and an extensive range of delicious menu options, with programs that offer something for everyone whatever your circumstances or weight loss target.

Weight Watchers

We use official food composition tables to calculate the nutritional  information for Diet Plus Weight Plan`s products, food lists and  recipes. However, the nutrients that all foods contain have natural  variations and therefore we are only able to give estimates of the  energy and nutrient content.

The higher Steps offer more gradual weight loss, and are ideal for  people wanting to work their way up the Steps to stabilization by  gradually increasing their intake of conventional food.

Your Diet Plus Dietitian will guide you through the Steps and offer  advice on preparation, stabilization and weight management. They’ll also  help you in the long term with advice on fitness and establishing a  healthy relationship with food.

Which Diets Actually Work?

Our products are manufactured by Diet Plus Factory, which is based in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, Turkey. Diet Plus Weight Plans manufactures all snacks, bars, detox juices and desserts.


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